Business Model & Operating Model of Small Holder Farmer Out-grower (Lending) scheme in Zambia

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April 20, 2022



The agenda of the report is to streamline the significant factors that play a role in establishing a Multi-brand cloud kitchen and represent its nuances for a batter understanding of its model

Research & Approach Methodology: 

The report approaches the subject in a structured format and presents the following yardsticks for a multi-brand cloud kitchen model

  1.  It captures the data for Market size when it comes to food delivery services
  2. It attempts to provide an exhaustive list for various aggregators operating in the market
  3. Listing of the various characteristics for Multi-brand cloud kitchen
  4. Compares and contrasts with Dine-in model for restaurants and defines a general operating model
  1. It details out the expected online growth for food delivery services and states to be around 3.61% at a global scale in 2020

  2. It provides the market data with respect to the aggregators operating in the market

  3. It provides the common threads that run into a Multi-brand cloud Kitchen model

  4. The competitive and Business advantage it can have over Dine-in restaurants are stated keeping the context of current pandemic in mind

  5. Finally it serves a nuanced operating model right from a customer’s order to last mile service delivery to the same along with the various Players that are involved in the same