Business Model & Operating Model of Small Holder Farmer Out-grower (Production) scheme in Zambia

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April 21, 2022


To understand the framework for the production scheme involved for the Small farmers (Out grower) in Zambia including their business and operating model

Research & Approach Methodology: 

A structure for depicting the Production Scheme is devised through Secondary data exploration including significant heads like:

  1.  What crops can be grown
  2. Processing, Harvesting and Selling for the same.
  3. Buying fresh produce

The operating model on the other hand was devised under the heads of Procurement, processing and finally selling the produce

  1. Growing crops based on the available Inputs based on Favorable Climatic conditions

  2. Final products that can be harvested

  3. Buying top quality finished products from the market at subsidized rates

Finally it provides a framework for Operating model which includes:

a. Procurement from farmers

b. Processing of crops and inputs purchase

c. Selling points for the Farmers including Wholesalers, hospitals, Schools, Retailers etc.