Competitor Analysis for Ed-Tech platforms training about Stock Markets

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April 14, 2022


To provide an in-depth understanding of the competitive forces in the rival market players in Ed-Tech industry that train about Stock Markets and derive a strategy to increase sales and market share

Research & Approach Methodology: 

Important parameters were taken into consideration and their variables were studied to understand the competitive market

  1. Parameters and variables were:
    Type of Organization:
    -Single Name
  2. Level of content:
  3. Blogs:
    -Free Blogs
    -Premium Blogs
  4. Region:
    -Restricted to a city
    -Pan India
  1. There is a balance between the number of Single Name vs Company type organizations, Technical vs Fundamental content providing organizations and organizations restricted to a City vs Pan India
  2. Free Blogs are provided by most organizations but organizations offering Premium Blogs are few in number
  3. Apart from their Primary product, many organizations are providing other financial products as well
  4. These include: Multiple courses with quiz, E-books, Calculators, Commodities, Free Dmat account, net worth of HNIs, IPO Reports, Offline Webinars, Market Stats to name a few