Overview of Hover vehicles

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April 21, 2022


The report seeks to provide a Birds eye view for the technology of Hover vehicles, What makes it a right choice and the rationale for various allied Technologies used in the same.

Research & Approach Methodology: 
  1.  The report is designed in a way to give the Concept framework for the technology
  2. It lists down the various ancillary state of the art technologies involved to encapsulate the entire Hover Vehicles’ functioning
  3. It investigates the market opportunity for Hover Vehicles and attempts to perform an analysis on AR technology
  1. Understanding the various ancillary sectors and their market sizes like Transportation, logistics, Military, Search and Rescue etc.

  2. It investigates and lists down upon the factors that can make the Hover technology a right choice

  3. It provides the understanding of the various technologies that are associated within the gamut of Hiver vehicles which includes, AI, AR, AIS an do on.

  4. Finally, it attempts to provide the market opportunity for AR based Hover vehicles along with the advantages of using AR in the same