Reinventing HR with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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April 14, 2022


This report aims to understand the ways in which Artificial Intelligence is changing Human Resource Function in an organization by analyzing its implementation in IT, Consulting and Financial sectors.

  1. An understanding of Artificial Intelligence is first established and the ways in which it can be integrated into a Business is observed, more specifically in the HR departments. Then the potential use of AI in Employee Engagement and Retention is looked at
  2. The various processes undertaken by an employee can be monitored by an AI and can assist the HR to undertake the necessary steps to implement changes to optimize the workflow and create a good working process for the employees
  3. Also the scope of AI powered Employee training solutions is looked at to improve employee learning and development
  4. Lastly, the Future of HR is summarized at a glance. The significant developments and hurdles are enlisted to get a better understanding of what factors an Organization needs to evaluate in order to integrate AI into Human Resources