Small Holder Farmer Out-grower scheme in Zambia

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April 19, 2022


The report aims to provide and investigate on the fundamentals for establishing a Small holder farmer out grower scheme in Zambia and attempts to investigate various parameters that influence its functioning in the same

Research & Approach Methodology: 

The Report uses a structural framework to streamline various factors that makes up the scheme which includes-

  1. Defining the objectives and framing an Agenda
  2. Study of the market and attempt to give its bird’s eye view
  3. Define and state the dynamics for various functional areas of the scheme
  4. It additionally points at the various USPs of the scheme and finally provides for an Investment Rationale for the same
  1. It clearly streamlines the agenda and objectives for the scheme from Regional integration through value addition to defining its importance for national and Regional food security
  2. It attempts to define the target customers along with the regions that can be targeted keeping the competitors in mind
  3. It specifies functional areas such as agri-processing, value chain, provisions in agriculture and general trading
  4. The report also gives insights on the relevant USPs for the initiative such as its the scheme’s economic advantage, sustainability via by-product usage, absence of middlemen among many others
  5. It also attempts to give reasoning for Investing in such an initiative