Study on consumer behaviour towards OTT platforms in India

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April 14, 2022



Identifying the perceptions, preferences and demographics of Indian consumers towards OTT platforms

Research & Approach Methodology: 

Online survey of people of all age groups to understand the parameters of people’s choice of various modes of OTT platforms

  • Evaluation: Whether there is a requirement for a single subscription OTT platform based on our study
  • Sample Size: Over 150+ men and women across various ages from various Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across India were evaluated
  1. The most preferred modes by age groups: 19-40 years-Mobile Applications, 40+ years-Television, below 18 years-Mobile, Laptop and TV (equally)
  2. The watch time was the highest for full time salaried employees, followed by full time business owners, retired employees and homemakers had the lowest watch time respectively and students were on the middle of the spectrum
  3. For all the different age groups, the highest preference of watch hours was between 2 to 15 hours and the lowest was that of 2 hours
  4. Watch time of more than 15 hours per week is not preferred by any age group
  5. Netflix & Amazon Prime are two big market players in the OTT segment currently followed by Disney Hotstar, Zee5 and rest of the OTT platforms have relatively low market shares
  6. About 89% of the population can be the target market for a single subscription for all OTT Platforms which will also help tackle the issue of lack of space on phone for multiple application